Vintage Style Boxes

are hand curated and styled for individuals based on their style, interests, inspiration and sized to their unique needs.


Lineage Box - $63

the Lineage box includes:

2 tops

1 bottom

2 pieces of jewelry

It's custom to your style, and size. This box is perfect if you're  new in the vintage world.​ Your Lineage Box is hand curated and flavorful. You're going to LOVE IT. Average savings  for the Lineage Mystery Box is 40% off.



Tribe Box - $183

the Tribe Box is poppin', it includes:

3 tops

2 bottoms or jumpsuit

1 outerwear

2 pieces of jewelry

This box is perfect to gift to your BFF or keep it for yourself. The Tribal Box includes everything you need to start fresh, add a few timeless pieces of clothes to your fabulous wardrobe. The average savings for the Tribal Mystery Box is 50% off. 



Heritage Box - $400

the Heritage Box is a LUXURY box. It includes

5 tops

3 bottoms

2 dresses/skirt/jumpsuits

2 outerwear

Jewelry + a gift.

The Heritage box will be full of magical, and rare finds. It's perfect for the eclectic, artistic, fashion icon type. If you want "pop-out" statement pieces of wearable vintage pieces of art then, the Heritage box is for you. The average savings for the Heritage Box is 60% off. 


All BOXES will be hooked up, you can trust that owner, Iritisen has you + fashion in mind! She wants you looking your BEST and feeling even BETTER!