About Us

The Brand: Lineage Vintage is a clothing Boutique that is strongly inspired by the Black Family. Lineage Vintage vision is to build and embrace the Black Family and our Stories through hand curated vintage pieces. Lineage is a safe place where women can shop for eclectic pieces of Vintage clothing, jewelry and accessories aka wearable art. The Family is the heartbeat of our community, we desire open collective conversations that bring positivity, passion and love into any room when you wear Lineage Vintage. We're here to cultivate the stories of our Black luminaries, empower plus size women and build a space where the Black Woman can thrive freely.





The Woman: Iritisen is a vintage curator from the Southside of Chicago, Il with a passion for creating a space for plus size women to be free from fear so they bloom confidently. In 2019 she launched Lineage for Vintage lovers and trendsetters. Iritisen is heavily influenced by the black family and her late Mother, Lise. She holds her memory in high regard, crediting her for showing what humility and determination will earn you. Lise would bring her daughter with her to Antique shops, always reminding her that the older pieces of furniture or clothes are the more character it has, and she always told her to "buy quality pieces - make an investment in yourself ". Her momma trained her well, with the same heart she works diligently to ensure that every collection is high quality, a statement piece and that stories of our ancestors will continue to be told through Lineage Vintage. Iritisen is motivated to make others feel good, look good and be cherished.


8 year old Iritisen rocking her antique pair of glasses her mom picked for her
8 year old Iritisen rocking an antique pair of glasses that her Mom found, while antique shopping. Peep her pearl earring too.